Step 1: Access the 'Test Users' tab

To add a test user, start by clicking on the 'Settings' button located in the upper right corner of your dashboard.

Next, click on the 'Test Users' tab under 'API Integrations'.

On this page, we've included simple instructions on how to add test users. Just copy the phrase indicated with no capitalization or punctuation: 

i want to be a tester

Step 2: Send the request to your chatbot

Each team member who wants to be a test user will need to send this command to the chatbot via Telegram or Facebook Messenger. (The request may be typed or pasted.)

Here's an example of how this might look in Telegram:

And in Facebook Messenger:

Step 3: Refresh the page to review your test users

The list of test users will be updated to reflect the username and the platform of each user you have added.

You can now preview your bulletins before they go live by sending them to these test users.

If you want to remove a test user, simply click the 'Delete' button by that user's name.

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