To define user onboarding, start by clicking on the 'Settings' option in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

Next, click on the 'Onboarding' tab. You will see this tab under the 'Bot behavior' option.

Here, you can configure what messages users will receive when interacting with your bot for the first time. 

There are several fields laid out on this page, each labeled as a welcome message or as an answer. Use the pre-defined sample text to guide you as you create your own onboarding content. 

Here is what your onboarding fields should aim to accomplish:

  • Welcome message 1: The bot should introduce itself.
  • Welcome message 2: The bot should briefly explain what it does, how frequently it will send messages, and how the user can interact with it. 
  • Answer 1: The user should be prompted to select an option that tests the bot's functionality.
  • Welcome message 3: This message should affirm the user's participation. The bot should also ask for user consent to continue. 

After Welcome message 3, users will be given two options: “Accept” or “Decline” the bot's request to proceed. Depending on which they select, users will receive a distinct response from your bot. You can customize both the users' answers and the bot's reply:

  • Answer 2 (accepted): Users will choose this option to accept the terms and continue with the messaging experience. 
  • Welcome message (accepted): This is how the bot will respond to users who accept the terms and choose to move forward with the messaging experience. The message should be positive and upbeat.
  • Answer 3 (declined): This is the text that users will select when they don't agree, and would rather not proceed.
  • Welcome message (declined): This message should comply with the users' choice, and include instructions on how to begin chatting again should they change their mind. 

Once you have updated your onboarding content, click 'Save.'

Here's what your onboarding process might look like once you have finished:

Scenario 1: User Accepts Terms

Scenario 2: User Rejects Terms

What's next?

  • See how everything looks! Invite test users and start engaging with your bot.
  • If you haven't done so yet, personalize your Telegram bot profile. Remember that profile information is an integral part of user onboarding.

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