If you are interacting with users on Telegram, it's important to customize your bot's Telegram profile before you start. Follow these tips to update or make changes to your bot on Telegram.

Why personalize your Telegram profile?

Personalize your bot's Telegram profile to do the following:

  • Ensure brand continuity − Add a profile picture and set a description that matches your brand.
  • Set expectations − Tell users what your bot can do to encourage interest and set expectations.
  • Create a call-to-action − Entice your users to engage with your chatbot.

What should I personalize?

Here are the different areas that you can personalize on Telegram:

1.) Bot profile picture

Choose a profile picture that fits with your brand or bot persona. You might want to use your company logo as your bot profile picture so that users know that this is your company's official bot.

Set your bot profile picture by typing the /setuserpic command to the BotFather Telegram account.

2.) Bot description

People will see this description when they open a chat with your bot, in a block titled 'What can this bot do?' 

Think of your bot's description as onboarding text. It should outline what your bot does and include a call-to-action prompting the user to get started.

Tip: If your bot performs multiple functions, use bulletin points to lay them out clearly.

Set your bot description by typing the /setdescription command to the BotFather Telegram account.

3.) 'About' info

The 'About' info appears on the bot's profile page. It will also be sent along with a link to your bot when the bot is shared with someone.

This section should summarize the bot's purpose, and any other useful information you might want to include.

Update the 'About' section by typing the /setabouttext command to the BotFather Telegram account.

4.) Bot name 

During the bot creation process on Telegram, you had to pick a name and a username for your bot. While you can't change your bot's Telegram username, you can change its display name. Changing a bot's display name looks like this:

And this:

Change your bot's display name by typing the /setname command to the BotFather Telegram account.

If you do want to change your bot's username, you will have to delete your bot and create a new one.

Remember: All of these elements should be carefully aligned with your brand to ensure continuity and a great user experience.

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