Good news! WhatsApp Business API is already live! Use Bulletin to send interactive newsletters on one of the world's most popular messaging platforms (yes we're talking about WhatsApp)!

Here are the steps:

1 - Request access to WhatsApp from our support team at

2 - Request access to the WhatsApp Business API from Facebook by clicking on the following url:  
Since this is a new and in-demand feature, an answer from WhatsApp can take up to few weeks.

3 - In the meantime, create an account in Twilio which will allow you to test the service:

4 - Go to you console Dashboard and note down your Account SID and account Token. 

5 - On the left of the screen there is a a menu. Click on 'Programable SMS' to go to your Programable SMS console in Twilio or click directly in this link

6 - Then, go to your Whatsapp Sandbox configuration or click in this link

7 - Go to Sandbox Participants and setup your mobile phone to be able to play with sandbox. Create the contact that is given and send the code join pear-dolphin. Once you do that, your phone will appear underneath.

8 - Configure "" as callback when messages come in. Note down also the number associated to your sandbox.

9 - Go to Whatsapp configuration (twilio) on under settings and set your Account SID, Account Token and Sandbox number.

As usual, we're happy to provide you with all the support you need during this process! Just send us a message using the chat feature on your bulletin dashboard (you will find the chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of the page). Or, contact us at

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