Metrics are available once your first bulletin has been published. Here's how to access different bulletin, story, and fragment metrics:

Bulletin metrics

Bulletin metrics measure an individual bulletin's overall performance. They are available on your home page under the 'Bulletins' tab.

Bulletin metrics are located to the right of the bulletin's status. These metrics will be available for both "Live" and "Expired" bulletins. 

Open rate and bulletins sent

The two key metrics that you will see in this area are the open rate and bulletins sent.

The number of bulletins sent indicates how many bulletins have been sent out to different users. You can also think of this number as the amount of subscribers that your bulletin was sent to. You can find the number of bulletins sent at the bottom-right corner of this metric group.

The open rate shows how many of your readers have opened your bulletin. This information is available in percentage form, and is also represented visually through the filled-in bar. 

Story metrics

To access individual story metrics, click on the blue graph icon at the right end of your bulletin. 

This view breaks down metrics by story. (If your bulletin is made up of 3 stories, for example, each will have its own metrics.) 

User retention and CTR

To the right of each story, you will see the user retention and CTR (or click-through rate) laid out as percentages. 

The user retention indicates how many users have been retained from your previous bulletin. 

The CTR shows what percentage of readers have clicked on the links in your story. Note that the CTR will only be measured if your story includes links and the link tracking option is activated.

Beneath each story, you can also view your reader count, and the number of readers who finished the story.

Open time

Click on the blue story title for a more detailed look at that story's metrics. You will see some metrics such as user retention, CTR, and reader count at the top of the page. 

Beneath these numbers is a chart that reveals a new metric: the open time. The chart can be zoomed in and out according to your viewing preferences.

The open time metric reveals the time of day that users opened the bulletin and viewed your story. It also shows how many readers have seen your bulletin at any given time. This metric is a great tool for determining what times your users are most active.

Fragment metrics

For an even more detailed breakdown of how users interacted with each part - or fragment - of your story, scroll down past the chart. 


The principal metric in this section is the amount of readers-per-fragment. This shows you how many users read each part of your story. 

The readers-per-fragment appears anywhere that the user was given the option to continue reading or skip a story. This metric shows up as a dark blue and red bar to the right of the fragment.

Knowing which parts of your story readers continued - or skipped - can help you learn what kind of content your audience prefers. It can also help you identify where you may need to construct more engaging decision points.

Poll results

Poll results will also show up on this page. A bar graph with numbers will appear along side the poll fragment, illustrating what responses your users have given.

Use polls to collect even more detailed information about user interests. To learn more about adding polls to your story, click here.

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  • If you haven't yet, take some time to explore our metrics dashboard.
  • Are you an Enterprise account holder? Learn how to export your metrics for easy analysis by clicking on the button below.

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