Follow these 4 easy steps to quickly and successfully configure your Bulletin software.

  • By the end of step 2: You will be set up to publish bulletins on messaging apps.
  • By the end of step 4: You will have published your first test bulletin.

Step 1: Configure your Telegram bot

Want to publish your stories to Telegram? Follow these quick steps to create and connect a bot in minutes.

Step 2: Configure your Facebook Messenger bot

Want to publish your stories to Facebook Messenger? These simple instructions will help you get started.

Step 3: Define your test users

Different platforms may display your stories differently. Here's how to designate test users so that you can preview your bulletin before it goes live.  

Step 4: Publish your first bulletin with our sample story

Practice publishing our sample story to learn how easy it is to distribute your newsletters with Bulletin.

What's next?

  • Once you're done with the basic setup, it's time to start customizing your bot's behavior and profile.
  • Learn how to set your bot's default messages by clicking the button below.

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