Telegram Channels are a great way to share content within your community, but following those easy 10 tips, you will get more reads and you community will grow.

1 - Don't send very often.

Do not send more than 5-6 messages per day. Your message will get into a very intimate part of your community, and you will compete with their friends. If you send too much messages, maybe they will silence your notifications or they will get off the channel.

2 - Send a summary at morning and at night

Send a scheduled message (every day at the same time) with a summary of what will be the highlights of the day. You will create and habit and your audience will be waiting for your messages.

3 - Add emojis and formatting for a better reading.

Use emojis to highlight pieces of text. Use links and formatting also to hightlight words inside your text.

You can use emojis such as 👉🏼, 1️⃣, 📹, ‼️, ✅ as bullets for lists.

4 - Use images and videos

Images and videos are reported to have a higher number of views and forwards. Use short videos and add some subtitles, not every one can turn on their speakers.

5 - Create your own content

Be careful forwarding content, better write a summary and provide a link. People might get into the original source if you don't add some value.

6 - Find the best times for publishing

Using Bulletin detailed metrics, you can see at which time your posts get more visibility.

7 - Use a closer tone

Remember that when sending content using instant messaging you are very close to your audience, you can use a friendler tone, like if you were closer friends. Use a different tone than in the original article.

8 -  Add a footer

Add always a footer like: "📲 Follow our telegram channel". If your message gets forwarded, more people will know how to join your channel.

9 - Add polls

Polls are a great way to know your audience and create a bidirectional communication. Use them wisely, maybe once or twice a week.  

10 - Get inspiration

Here are some selected messages that you can use as inspiration

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