This article will show you how to broadcast messages to Telegram Channels using Bulletin.

First of all, you need to create a channel and a bot in Telegram, if you don't know how you can find our guide to create a bot and create channel.

There is a new type of content in Bulletin named "Message", in addition to bulletins created from different stories and from different messages, you can now create single messages that will be sent to Channels, and in the near future to Bots.

To create a "message", go to your "Bulletins" section and click on "+ Create message" and then choose the type of message you want to create. Rich text and Text for only text messages, and Image, Video, Audio and Document for multimedia with rich text. Polls create native telegram polls.

You will be then redirected to the message editor, where you will be able to edit the text. In the input named "Publish to those channels", you will be able to select more than one channel where the message will be sent.

Once you have your message ready you can do the following actions:

  • Save Draft: Message will be saved for later, and your peers will be able to check it before sending.
  •  Preview: You will be able to select a "Test" channel to send the post there and see how it looks in a real telegram client.
  • Schedule: you can schedule the message to be sent at an specific time and date, like any other bulletin.
  • Publish: Message will be published right away. This acction cannot be undone. 

In the section "Bulletins" you will see both "messages" and "bulletins", with their current status and a link to the viewers statistics.

Once in the statistics window, you will see the viewers per hour for each of the channels the messages has ben sent to.

You can choose between 5 minutes or hour resolution. 5 minute resolution is available only in "Standard" plan.

If you go back to the "metrics" section at the top of the menu, in the dashboard you will see some channel statistics.

Under the "metrics" menu you will find the "Growth" menu to check the growth of each of your channels day by day.

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