In a world of increasingly cluttered social platforms, it can be hard for your content to reach the right people. With algorithms restricting social reach and social sharing down 50% since 2015, companies are looking for new and more direct ways to distribute content.

We built Bulletin to give businesses the tools that they need to compose and distribute content on messaging apps. With Bulletin, you can turn any content - from newsletters to PSAs to promotional material - into a fresh, interactive conversation. By connecting businesses with their audiences on messaging apps, Bulletin empowers organizations to deliver content in a more familiar, convenient, and direct way. 

What can I do with Bulletin?

Use Bulletin to:

  • Reach your users on their favorite messaging apps. Messaging apps have a 6-times higher retention rate than the typical app. Start an ongoing conversation with your users on their favorite platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp.
  • Compose content that matches your audiences’ on-the-go lifestyle. Our multimedia story editor makes it easy to compose compelling short-form content that your audience can view on the bus, in line at the supermarket, or whenever they have a spare moment.
  • Track your dark social reach. Use our comprehensive metrics to measure your dark social reach for the first time.
  • Publish stories when your audience is most active. Easily schedule publishing according to audience activity.
  • Increase engagement with interactive content. With a higher open rate than email and social media, Bulletin helps you deliver interactive newsletters that your audience will love.

Who uses Bulletin?

Here are some examples of Bulletin's use cases:

  • Journalists and publishers who want to distribute news directly to their audience.
  • Marketing and communication teams who want to nurture relationships with leads and customers.
  • E-commerce companies who want to communicate product releases, send purchasing guides, and boost sales.
  • Advertisers who want to increase revenue by sharing relevant sponsored content with subscribers.
  • Sports broadcasters and entertainers who want to publish the latest sports scores and entertainment news.
  • Event planners and promoters who want to update subscribers on upcoming events and activities.
  • Governments who want to broadcast important messages and announcements to their citizens.
  • Schools and universities who want to send academic news and campus updates.
  • Communities and nonprofits who want to raise awareness of issues and introduce new fundraising opportunities.
  • Doctors and healthcare organizations who want to send health tips and other healthcare-related announcements.
  • Anybody with a newsletter! What do you tell your newsletter recipients that they could hear in a more imaginative way?

What sets us apart? 

Bulletin works as a chatbot plugin. Unlike other chatbot plugins (which are designed to meet the needs of programmers), we built Bulletin with content creators in mind. 

With Bulletin, you won't waste time setting up complex conversational flows or configuring AI. Bulletin lets you skip the hard stuff and go straight to creating interactive newsletters.

What's next? 

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