Whether you want to reuse a story that has been published on another account or recycle messages that you sent out earlier in the year, importing and exporting stories can help you bring your best content back to life.

Step 1: Export a story

Start by clicking on the bulletin that contains the story you want to export. 

You'll see a 'Download' icon to the right of the story title. Click on this button to export the story. 

Your story will be exported in the form of a zip file. This file will contain your story's text, plus any media info such as photos, videos, etc. 

Step 2: Import a story

Select the bulletin where you would like to upload your story. Or, click 'Create bulletin' to create a new bulletin.

Click on the 'Select story file' button to import your story. 

Then, choose the exported file.

Once you have chosen your file, the name of the zip will appear next to the 'Select story file' button. Click 'Upload story' to finish the importing process.

The story will quickly be updated.

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