Why create a new account?

Each Bulletin account allows you to connect up to three chatbots: one Facebook Messenger bot, one Telegram bot, and one WhatsApp bot. That means that creating a new account is necessary if you want to have more chatbots. 

While many business needs can be met with just one chatbot account, you may want to create another one for one of the following reasons:

  • To address a different audience
  • To serve your users in another language
  • To cover a different subject/topic
  • To perform a different function

For example, a global news broadcasting company may want to create the following distinct chatbot accounts with Bulletin:

Whereas a different brand may find that one chatbot account targeting a unified user base works best.

How can I create a new account?

New accounts are free for existing Bulletin users, and are easy to create. 

Start by clicking on the arrow beside your account name. A drop-down menu will appear.

Select the 'New account' option. 

You will be prompted to name your new account, select a company, and choose your timezone.

Note that only account administrators will be able to create a new account. Since your Bulletin subscription is tied to your company name, you will not be able to change the company information for your new account.

Once you have filled out the required information, check the box agreeing to our terms of service, and click 'Create new account'. 

You will be taken to a fresh account page, where you will see your new account name in the upper-right corner.

To switch between accounts, just click on the arrow beside your account name. In the drop-down menu you will see all of your active accounts. Your company's name will be in parenthesis next to each account. 

Click on whichever account you want to access. 

Remember: this is a totally new account, so you will have to set up your bots, customize your default messages, and define user onboarding before you publish your first bulletin.

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